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Corporate Social Responsibility

Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA) is the largest supplier to the agricultural sector in the region, and we are therefore keen to strengthen the industry's score and their societal role.

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Our values and actions affect the reputation and competition force of the industry. Therefore, we have internal code of conduct that will contribute to a reflective stance on ethical issues that employees in your organization can meet. In line with its increased FKRA import of goods, we see the need to manage our values actively against the supplier market.

In the summer of 2013 FKRA notified itself into the ethical trading initiative (IEH).  Our membership implies that we are committed to work for the continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in line with basic ILO standards and the United Nations conventions.

We expect that our suppliers read, accept and apply the guidelines, are honest in their feedback and open to collaborate on improvements where minimum standards are not met.

We are convinced that the collaboration between companies that has an active and goal-oriented work for corporate social responsibility, will achieve the best results both for our owners and for the society in which we are a part of.

Our code of conduct

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