About Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA)

Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA) is a leading supplier of animal feed, fertilizers and machinery for the farmer.

Our goal is to contribute to the farmers being able to increase their end result.

We are striving to be the most attractive and dynamic cooperative company for our customers. Our core values are to be reliable, efficient and innovative.

Our history goes back to the year of 1899. Visionary farmers then established their own company to purchase seeds and raw materials needed for farming at a good price.

Today, Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA) is a significant company in the well known food production and gastronomy cluster in the southwestern part of Norway.

At our feed production plant in Stavanger. We have well known trademarks like Formel (ruminants), Format (pigs), Kromat (hens and chickens), as well as special feeds for special high quality products.

Our 20 shops, "FK butikken", are spread throughout the region from Kvinnherad to Tvedestrand. These shops also attract customers other than farmers by supplying items for the home garden and for pets.


Addresses and phone numbers

Delivery Address:

  1. Sandvikveien 21, Stavanger
  2. Sandvikveien 33, Stavanger

Visitor Address:
Sandvikvn. 21, Stavanger

Postal Address:
Postboks 208 Sentrum, 4001 Stavanger

Invoice Address:
Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder v/ fakturamottak, Postboks 208 Sentrum, 4001 Stavanger




Phone: 51 88 70 00 -  Fax: 51 58 99 66

Orders,  compound feed and fertilizer:
Green number: 994 30 640

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Besøksadresse: Sandvikvn. 21, Stavanger     Adresse: Postboks 208 Sentrum, 4001 Stavanger    Org.nr: NO915442552MVA - Kundesenter: 994 30 640